5 Top Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

Whether you have a savings goal or just want to be budget conscious and save on your heating bill, here are the 5 tops ways to save!

#1) Use a programmable thermostat

5 Top Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

Whether you have a programmable thermostat or not, this is a way to save on your heating bill you can’t afford not to use.

You can get an inexpensive programmable thermostat for $50 to $100 and easily recoup these costs on your energy bill in no time at all. By setting a programmable thermostat to drop your temperature during just eight hours during the night or when you are away at work, you can save 10% a year on heating costs.

Paying attention to the current thermostat settings may also allow for more savings. If it’s winter, dress appropriately by wearing a sweatshirt and some cozy socks and drop the temperature for even more savings. Even an adjustment of a degree or two in your thermostat settings can save you money.


5 Top Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

#2) Use curtains or shades

Another way to save on your heating bill is by using window coverings. It is estimated that 30% of heat is lost through windows. Curtains or shades provide a layer of insulation over windows and save energy when they are closed during the evenings and overnight. But, during the daytime, it’s important to open them up and let the sunshine in. The warmth of those ultraviolet rays will not only boost your mood but help warm the room.


#3) Seal up air leaks

5 Top Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

Take an inventory of any places you feel cold air coming in, then seal up those air leaks for another great way to save on your heating bill. It may be that a door frame needs to be caulked or some weather stripping needs to be added to keep the cold air out. Either way, this is will help keep drafts out and your warm air in.

For cold air leaks, check around windows, exterior doors, doors to rooms containing a crawl space or basement, around light fixtures and outlets. Taking the time to seal these seemingly small areas can add up to big savings.

#4) Use heat-producing appliances

During the winter, you can’t actually heat your house with an oven (or at least you shouldn’t) but the heat from baking, or the warmth of the clothes dryer can definitely produce heat and help save on your heating bill. Choosing a cool day to bake a cake or do laundry will help utilize the heat of those heat-producing appliances.

And, while on the topic of laundry, washing clothes on cold water can save as much as 75% on energy costs. Additionally, cold water is less damaging to clothes over the course of time.

5 Top Ways to Save on Your Heating Bill

#5) Avoid space heaters

Unless you are running a space heater instead of the whole house heat, avoiding space heaters is another way to save on your heating bill.

Space heaters are intended to heat a small space and are not an energy efficient way of heating a house. And, while they warm your body when you are nearby, they leave you chilled when you leave the direct contact space of the radiant heat. However, if using a space heater means you are heating the bedroom at night, instead of the whole house while you are sleeping, this is an exception to this rule.

If running multiple space heaters in bedrooms is your plan to keep the furnace from running, the efficiency of heating multiple rooms with space heaters will not pay off. Additionally, space heaters are the source of more than 25,000 residential fires per year, according to Energy.gov.

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