5 Ways to Keep Cool in Our Heat Wave

5 Ways to Keep Cool in Our Heat Wave – The Pacific Northwest is experiencing record-breaking temperatures this summer. While everyone struggles with how to beat the heat, here are some tips to keep cool during the heat wave:

5 Ways to Keep Cool in Our Heat Wave5 Ways to Keep Cool in Our Heat Wave

Realistic Cooling Goals

If you have air conditioning, you may be wondering why it is running all day but has not reached your desired temperature setting. With heat waves reaching over 100 degrees, your air conditioner is working if your home is in the 80’s. The inside temperature may not be able reach the programmed setting with such a high heat index. Be realistic and enjoy the cooler temperatures even if they aren’t exactly what you had in mind.

Change Your Filter

With your air conditioning working around the clock, your filter is likely getting dirty quicker than normal. Even if you usually change your filter every 3-4 months, it may be necessary to change it sooner to allow maximum air flow and improve the cooling in your home. This low-cost fix can improve your air conditioner’s effectiveness and avoid an HVAC service call.

If you are using a window unit, remove the filter and wash it monthly. Keeping it clean is vital during a heat wave. Even minimal debris in the filter will restrict air flow.

Use Blinds/Curtains

During the heat of summer, improving cooling can be as simple as keeping blinds and curtains closed. As the sun shines into the house, it naturally heats the room. Blinds and curtains can act as an insulator from the heat of summer.

Blocking the sun by simply using window coverings will eliminate up to 77% of heat gain, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Clear Outdoor AC Unit

Allowing for the maximum air flow into the air conditioning unit can improve the AC function, just as changing the air filter above. Keep weeds, shrubs, tall grass and other debris clear of the outdoor unit. If the outdoor unit looks dirty, turn the system off and spray any dirt build up away with a garden hose. After it is cleaned, restart the system.

Regular Maintenance

If it’s been more than a year since your air conditioner has been serviced, schedule an appointment with a professional technician. The technician can clean the unit from the inside, look for any broken or loose wires, and make sure your system is running to its fullest potential.

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