7 Summer Energy Saving Tips

7 Summer Energy Saving Tips – As inflation and gas prices soar, you may be wondering how to save money at home. Most homes around the Pacific Northwest don’t have AC so these might be helpful. Here are some summer energy saving tips to help bring down your bill and put some extra cash back in your budget.

7 Summer Energy Saving Tips7 Summer Energy Saving Tips

Service your air conditioner

It may seem counter-intuitive to spend money to save, but this is an excellent return on your investment. Usually air conditioning service costs between $100 to $200, but this basic maintenance can lower your cooling system’s energy cost by as much as fifteen percent.

Open windows

Instead of running air conditioning all day and night, take advantage of the cool mornings and evenings by letting the outside air in when temperatures drop. Opening two or more windows allows a breeze to cool down the space more quickly.

Add fans

Ceiling fans cool the occupants of the room. Adding a fan to the living room or bedroom will bring temperature comfort without the need for air conditioning. In summer, be sure the fan is rotating counter-clockwise to push cool air down.

Box fans placed in a windowsill can pull warm air out of the house, while allowing cooler air to come inside.

Use curtains and blinds

Open curtains or blinds to allow outdoor light in. This will allow you to keep some of the indoor lights off for part of the day. However, as the heat of the sun shines in directly, close curtains and blinds again to prevent excessive heat.

Set the thermostat

Before leaving home, increase the temperature on the thermostat so extra cooling isn’t wasted while no one is home to enjoy it. Increasing the temperature while away for longer periods can save as much as ten percent on energy costs.

To make it easier to set a schedule, install a programmable smart thermostat and forget about making adjustments every time you leave.

Cook outside

Everyone loves a barbeque, but warm days give even more of a reason to fire it up. Leave the oven and stovetop off to allow indoor temperatures to remain comfortable without the need for more air conditioning.

Use bathroom fans

Bathroom fans do more than remove shower steam and unwanted smells. They also suck out heat and humidity quickly and effectively.  Leaving other interior doors open while bathroom fans are running will remove warm, humid air from more than just the bathroom.

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