Best Heating Options for an Outdoor Space

Best Heating Options for an Outdoor Space – As the weather cools, many homeowners want to continue to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. To keep it warm and comfortable as the seasons change, here are some heating options for your outdoor living space.

Best Heating Options for an Outdoor Space

Outdoor heatersBest Heating Options for an Outdoor Space

Electric outdoor heaters attach to a beam in the outdoor space and provide radiant heat to the area. Dependent on the size of the space, more than one may be necessary to provide enough heat to truly warm the area. To see some of the best outdoor space heaters, visit the Buyer’s Guide Top Ten.

Wood burning fireplace

Add an outdoor wood burning fireplace to provide radiant heat, as well as the enjoyable ambience of the sight of the flames jumping and sound of the wood crackling. Even the smell of the wood burning provides enjoyment to the senses.

Gas fireplace

Some city ordinances don’t allow wood burning fireplaces in the backyard. If this is the case in your neighborhood, consider a gas fireplace. It still provides the heat and beauty but is powered by a more easily controlled fuel source.


A wood burning or propane firepit can provide radiant heat from a central area. They do, however, need adequate venting in an open area to allow the smoke to safely dissipate.

Patio heater

A patio heater or tower propane heater is portable and radiates heat to the surrounding area. It provides flexibility because it can be moved to anywhere the heat is desired. Venting is required for patio heaters so keep in mind that the area should be open space to utilize this form of heat safely.

Screens or windows

Retractable screens or full-length doors/windows will close in an outdoor space, stopping the cool breezes from bringing the temperature down. This allows an electric heater or wood stove to heat the space much more efficiently while still making the outdoor area warm and usable.

An example of the screens used in this setting are E-Zip Motorized Shades.

Hot tub

In a covered space, a hot tub can be left uncovered to provide heat to the outdoor space. Not only does the hot tub provide a warm place to visit and relax, but the heat it creates radiates to the surrounding areas.

Heating blankets

Using electric heating blankets can provide just the right amount of warmth to keep people warm while outdoors. Purchasing a few to provide to guests and keeping a power source handy will make it possible to use your outdoor space, even as the temperatures drop outside.

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