When is the Best Time to Update or Replace an Air Conditioner

When is the Best Time to Update or Replace an Air Conditioner?

When is the Best Time to Update or Replace an Air Conditioner? It’s counterintuitive to think about replacing an air conditioner or adding one while it’s still winter, but here are some reasons the best time for this job is now!

Reasons to add or replace an air conditioning

Air conditioner fans

Ideally, an air conditioner is added to a home when it is built but especially here in the Pacific Northwest, this doesn’t always happen for new construction. Whether it’s a cost savings measure by the contractor or something that’s not immensely important to a potential buyer, often times homeowners have to decide whether adding an air conditioner to their home is worth the cost investment.

The good news is adding air conditioning does, in fact, raise the value of a home when it is sold. In fact, for some potential buyers, not having air conditioning could be a deal breaker. And, while it can cost several thousand dollars to add air conditioning to an existing home, it is estimated that central air conditioning can increase your home’s value by as much as ten percent.

If you’re not considering adding air conditioning, maybe you’re looking to replace it. Here are a few common reasons homeowners should think about replacing an air conditioner.

  • The home’s air conditioner is more than ten years old,
  • The air conditioner cannot keep up with summer cooling needs and you’re left overheating,
  • The service technician has had to come out more than once or twice in the last year,
  • Your energy bill is increasing, despite trying to keep temperatures and costs efficient,
  • The air conditioning unit is making loud noises,
  • Your current unit does not have a good energy efficiency rating.


Why replace it now?

It is still winter, so why consider replacing or having air conditioning installed now? Well, the short answer is, it’s off season and the service technicians have more availability. Replacing your air conditioner now will allow for scheduling time, installation and checking the new system before the heat of summer comes and you find yourself in a pinch. Planning ahead will literally save you from sweating it later.

During summer, school is out, and many families plan their vacations. Scheduling now will ensure you don’t have to ditch your summer plans to work around the schedule of a professional installer and will give you peace of mind knowing cool air is there when you need it.

According to Energy Trust, “High-efficiency central air conditioners use 20–40% less energy than systems from 10 years ago.”  This alone may be enough reason to move forward with replacing your dated air conditioner now. With a 20-40% reduction in energy costs, homeowners can recoup the expense of a new air conditioner within the first three years.

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