Best Thermostat settings for Western Washington

Best Thermostat settings –  Summer is a hot time, while winter is a time for cold. Either way, both periods contribute to the energy bill in the home. More than 48% of Americans consume energy on heating and cooling the home. This means every individual contributes significantly to the energy bill. Western Washington is not left out of the circle. So if we want to recoup your energy consumption in the area, turning off the thermostat is one way. This article contains the best thermostat setting in Washington state according to season.

Recommended Best Thermostat Settings for SummerBest Thermostat settings for Western Washington

According to experts, the recommended thermostat setting in Western Washington during the summer is 78°F. The temperature will gently warm your home. The setting will provide comfort and save you money and energy.

However, if you’re leaving the house, it is advisable to increase the thermostat to 85-88 °F to keep the house warmer. The method will save you 10% on cooling while you’re away.

Best Thermostat Settings for Winter

The body will feel better in winter on a thermostat set to 68 °F. Remember to wear many clothes to keep the body warm. Washington is facing extreme cold, and keeping your thermostat at 10-15 °F will save you significant money. This can cut down by 5 to 15% on energy bills.

Best Thermostat Settings for Spring and Fall

Spring and fall require optimal temperatures, but that can be a complicated bill to pay. Generally, the spring and fall experience unprecedented weather changes, so you’ll need to lower or increase the programmed limit on your thermostat. Sometimes you’ll need the switch to warm, and another time you want the air conditioning. In the winter, you’ll have to set your heat to low, while in the summer, you have to put on the AC.

However, the thermostat is best set to auto mode during spring and fall to avoid changing settings each time the weather changes. You can quickly leave on the Deadband to keep this setting steady. For example, if you want your home to cool at 78 °F and warm when below 68 °F, you can easily set the temperature to 78 °F and Deadband to 10 °F. When your thermostat is on auto, you’ll be able to save energy during the spring and fall.

Best Thermostat Settings for Sleeping

Night sleep is vital for good health. Sleeping has many benefits, such as enhancing function, rejuvenation, and detoxification. It also prevents us from many heart diseases and boosts the immune system. You can happily set your thermostat to a temperature that suits the night’s sleep. However, there are different settings for cold and hot seasons. Temperature is a factor that affects the quality of sleep in humans. The body tends to wake when the temperature is not conducive. Here are the key temperatures for a quality night’s sleep.

  • 65 °F in winter
  • 78 °F in summer
  • 65 °F when it’s cool and 78 °F when it’s warm during spring and fall

However, during the spring and fall in Washington state, the setting will change according to shifting temperatures on warm and cool days.

Following this recommended strategy as a Western Washington resident will save you the cost of running your HVAC system and maintaining quality sleep.

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