Buyer’s Guide to Daikin Emura Mini Splits

Daikin is a Japanese company, well known worldwide for their top-quality air conditioning products. Here is a buyer’s guide to the Daikin Emura Mini Split System.

Ductless Multi-Zone Indoor Mini Split Unit

  • Energy efficiencyBuyer's Guide to Daikin Emura Mini Splits

The Daikin Emura ductless mini split is a high efficiency, sleek compact wall unit that provides quality air cooling without the need for duct work. The wall unit is mounted high on an interior wall in a large common area, with a few inches left above it to allow for air flow through the unit.

The SEER rating for Daikin Emura is 18.9, which is at the high end for seasonal energy efficiency ratings.

  • Quiet operation

In addition to its energy efficiency and compact size, the Daikin Emura operates quietly. The 18,000 BTU system is one of the larger units, designed to cover 600 to 800 square feet. Even with the fan on high speed, the 18,000 BTU system is just barely over 60 decibels. With the fan on low speed, the unit runs at just 55 decibels.

The smaller 9,000 BTU system is even quieter and slightly more compact than its 18,000 BTU counterpart and can be used in smaller spaces such as an office, den or guest room. It typically covers about 400 to 450 square feet of space.

  • Intelligent thermal sensor

Infrared technology allows the Daikin Emura to change its output pattern, dependent on whether the room is occupied or vacant. Rather than its normal oscillating pattern for air dispersion, it shifts its output away from users who enter the room.

Settings for heating and cooling, as well as fan patterns can be adjusted on the matching remote provided with the unit.

  • Outdoor unit

In addition to the compact indoor wall mini split mounted unit, there is an outdoor compressor tied in through a small bundle of lines usually running behind it. The outdoor compressor unit is placed on a level foundation of either gravel or cement, and most commonly runs through a crawlspace to connect to the indoor wall mount unit.

The multi zone feature allows five indoor units to be connected to one outdoor unit, allowing for more individualized temperature control throughout the home.

  • Color options

The Daikin Emura has three color options to blend in with interior decor: silver, black and white. Each one has a small LED indicator light to notify users of its current heating or cooling setting.

  • Allergy reduction

The flash streamer technology breaks down allergens such as pollen, bacteria and fungus and removes bothersome smells to enhance the indoor air quality.

Its silver allergen removal and air purifying filter capture and dispose of 99% or more of the pollen and dust mites in the air.

  • Voice command operation

The Daikin Emura is able to use voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust the fan setting or temperature setting without lifting a finger.

It is also able to be operated through the Onnecta App via an internet connection, making setting adjustments possible from anywhere.

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