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Can I Relocate a Heat Pump?

Whether you are doing some remodeling or purchased a home and would like to relocate a heat pump, here are some things you need to consider.

The biggest consideration is it requires much more work than simply moving the unit and, in most cases, it should be left to a professional.

Moving a unitCan I Relocate a Heat Pump?

Moving the heat pump just a few feet may not make a big difference but taking it to a new location will often require leveling an area or adding a concrete pad.

Moving a unit incorrectly can create more problems, potentially damaging the unit, leaking refrigerant or causing an electrical risk.

Line sets

To relocate a heat pump, this is probably the most challenging component. A line set is a pair of copper tubes that connect a condenser and evaporator. The line sets will have to be disconnected carefully, but it is possible to trap the refrigerant in the outdoor unit to move it safely and without leaking.

Once relocated, the line sets will have to be reconnected, but not before being rerouted to the new location via a crawlspace, basement or other unused area that connects the outdoor unit (condenser) to the indoor unit (evaporator). In some cases where the line sets cannot be rerouted, it may be necessary to discontinue using the old line sets and hook up new ones.

Electrical circuit

Wiring will have to be hooked up in the new location of the heat pump, if there is not adequate wiring already there. This may include adding a junction box or rerouting wiring. Extending wiring too far can increase the risk of a fire hazard, so be sure to consult an electrician.

Weigh your decision

In the end, after looking at each of the components involved in moving a heat pump, it is important to determine if it is still worth moving the unit and if it is within your budget.

While pouring a concrete pad adds expense, hiring an electrician to move, change or alter wiring will add some expense, as well. Looking at each of these areas before making a decision to move a unit will help you make an informed decision, weighing in the cost with the potential benefit of the move.

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