Tips on Hiding Your Outdoor HVAC or Heat Pump

Tips on Hiding Your Outdoor HVAC or Heat Pump – Outdoor air conditioning units have embarrassing features because they are bulky and oversized, making them an eyesore to visitors. The equipment may smack dab in your flower beds to provide comfort during the long hot summers. The condenser is the eyesore component of the air conditioner or heat pump, which is kept outside the home.Tips on Hiding Your Outdoor HVAC or Heat Pump

The component is responsible for collecting or discharging the system’s heat, but it produces weird sounds and occupies space in the backyard. So as you can’t remove it, dress it up. Luckily there are many ways to cover up the component making it look like a decoration and creating an instant curb appeal. Here are some DIY methods for hiding your outdoor HVAC or heat pump.

Things to Consider When Hiding your outdoor HVAC or Heat Pump

There are things to keep in mind when hiring your system to avoid damage to its performance. The first thing to do is to ensure there is adequate space for air circulation in the unit. The appliances require adequate airflow to help them control the refrigerant it removes. Also, adequate space will make it easy to access the unit in times of repairs or maintenance.

Finally, ensure you prevent the unit from irrigation systems like sprinklers. This caution will prevent water from touching the condenser fin and coils, preventing hard water deposits, which can be challenging to clean.


Trellis is the best way to hide your HVAC or heat pump in your home. The method improves the appearance of the unit while not having any negative effect on its performance. The trellis is made from beautiful ironwork with colorful flowers to hide the unit on the balcony while providing adequate airflow. The method does affect the performance or causes any damage to it. Trellis also prevents the unit from strong winds and heavy rains.


Installing a fence to hide your HVAC or heat pump is another outdoor method of keeping it safe. The method keeps the unit out of sight while improving its appearance. Experts advise that plastic lattice is the best material for making fences because they are cheap, durable, and easy to use.


Plants are another way to hide your outdoor units. The method requires you to clear the land close to the unit and spread landscaping gravel. Afterward, you can grow or install bushes. However, the grown bushes will need to be trimmed regularly to prevent littering leaves or berries on the ground. This method is a natural way of hiding the HVAC or heat pump unit.

Hide your AC with an aluminum cover

Aluminum covers are other options for hiding your home’s outdoor HVAC or heat pump. This method has many benefits compared to other options in the market. In addition, the covering looks good and will last for a long time because of its high resistance and lower maintenance cost. They also protect your outdoor units from dirt, rodents, wind, or water, increasing their lifespan and reducing the system’s noise.

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