How Does Your Attic Affect Your Ductwork?

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How Does Your Attic Affect Your Ductwork?

It is unlikely that you have ever paid much attention to your attic and the ductwork. When a home is built or purchased it has to go through an inspection project, however just because something passes through an inspection doesn’t mean that it is working as efficiently as it can. Your ductwork is a huge part of your home’s heating and cooling. Let’s learn a bit more about your ductwork and attic so you can have a better understanding of how closely they work together.How Does Your Attic Affect Your Ductwork

How Does Your Attic Affect Your Ductwork?

What Is Ductwork?

Your ductwork is the tubing that will go from your HVAC systems unit to all of the vents throughout your home. The ductwork is always under insulation, which will protect it from developing any kind of issues.

The main reason for the ductwork is to move the hot or cold air through your home and out the cents so that you can reach the desired temperature throughout your home. This is why ducts must be sealed properly to prevent, potential leaks which will lead to your system overworking and running inefficiently.

How Is It Installed?

Your ductwork should never be put close to any roof decking. It should be low in the attic which will help it stay cooler. This is why you see it installed near the floor. Heat rises, so this explains why it will be installed as low as possible. It should sit horizontally and all of the ducts should be sealed extensively and properly at all joints and angles.

This will help you retain more air as it moves through. The ducts will be insulated and that will keep moisture away. You can increase the rate at which the air moves by having a higher air velocity. You can also add a radiant barrier to help cool the attic and stop excessive heat build-up. Even though you want your ductwork as low as possible and appear to be on the floor, it should be hanging and not directly on the floor.

How Much Does It Cost?

Getting your ductwork replaced is a large and costly task. The size of the home will determine how much ductwork you will need to have. This is why it can be difficult to project a financial number. You need to keep in Ming and in addition to replacing your ductwork, you may need new attic insulation to complete the whole job properly.

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Use A Professional Company!

If you are dealing with any HVAC issues, you will want your ductwork looked at. It is so important that you have this checked with a licensed and professional; HVAC contractor. They will be able to evaluate your system and determine what your best fix is. If it is your ductwork, they can determine what you need and provide you with a quote. HVAC issues and repairs always seem to show up at inconvenient times, scheduling regular maintenance for dirty ductwork can help you get ahead of these potential problems.


For more information on your ductwork and to get assistance from a licensed and professional HVAC contractor, contact us. We are here to help you with all of your HVAC needs in Snohomish County.