How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Spring is a welcome time of year but in the Pacific Northwest it brings with it a sleuth of symptoms for allergy sufferers.

Here we will look at how to improve indoor air quality to minimize pollutants in the home.

Stay insideHow To Improve Indoor Air Quality

When the weather improves, most people want to be outside enjoying the sunshine and getting projects done. However, especially on dry and windy days, the pollen count increases and makes it miserable for those with tree and grass pollen allergies.  On these days, it is best to stay inside as much as possible to minimize exposure to allergens.

Check pollen counts

To get an idea of how bad pollen counts are, go to a site such as to learn what pollen conditions are like by zip code. This will be especially beneficial if you know what you are allergic to.

Install a HEPA filter

Some furnaces have special HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate filters) which reduce indoor allergens even more than traditional air filters. These specially designed filters have a higher standard of filtration of particles and are able to filter dust and allergens, as well as many viruses and airborne bacteria.

In addition to using a HEPA filter in the furnace, many vacuum cleaners now have HEPA filters. This is a great way to pick up dust and allergens that come in on shoes and clothing and end up on the floor. Vacuuming once or twice a week with a vacuum that has a HEPA filter will reduce allergens.

Add an air purifier

If your furnace does not have the option to install a HEPA filter, you can add an air purifier with a HEPA filter. Air purifiers work by circulating air inside a room through a filter and removing the pollutants. To see the top five best air purifiers in 2022, according to Consumer Reports, check out their list here.

Reduce clutter

In addition to cleaning the air, allergens come in and stay in tight spaces, so it’s important to reduce clutter. If there are boxes piled in a corner, or plants growing in a special spot, most homeowners vacuum around that space.

To get the most dust and pollutants out of the home, clean these areas and get rid of unnecessary items. If there’s an area with decor that can be moved, take time to dust and clean thoroughly and often.

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