How To Interview An HVAC Contractor

If you need an HVAC contractor you have likely found yourself in a bit of a heating or cooling issue. These things can be expensive and it can be challenging to know who to trust. Looking for a trusted and experienced HVAC contractor is the same as any other home system contractor. Ask around to see if anyone has any recommendations for someone who may have helped do work on their home.

How To Interview An HVAC Contractor

What size unit do I need?

Making sure your home has the right size unit is extremely important. Your air conditioner will not function properly or be energy efficient if it is too small or too large for the size of your home. This can result in it breaking down much earlier. These units are usually measured in tons and that has nothing to do with the weight. It has to do with how much ice it can melt in 24 hours. Ask your potential HVAC contractor this question and compare what they say to your research.

How efficient will my new system be?

If you are getting your new system replaced, then you want to pay attention to its energy efficiency. Your HVAC system is measured by a SEER or HERS rating. you want to know how this will translate to any savings on your bill.

What brands do you sell and service?

You want to ask what brands they work with and do your research on these brands. If you feel that they are trying to push something on you for their benefit, it may not be the right contractor for you. You want to feel confident in the equipment your HVAC contractor works with.

What are your terms of payment?

Before anyone starts working on your house you want to have a clear picture of what their payment expectations are and that all the terms are agreed to by all parties involved.

Does the new system come with any warranty or guarantees?

If you are installing a new system you want to ask if there are any guarantees on the work or equipment so that if there is an issue you understand if it is the manufacturer or installer that you contact.

Can I use my current air ducts?

A new HVAC installation can be costly and it is worth it to find out if you can use the ducts that you already have in place. If your original ductwork is in good shape, ask if the contractor is willing to work with it when they install your new system.

When will the job be completed?

Homeowners want to know when their project will be done and how long it will take. Make sure you are flexible, giving a reasonable timeline and clear communication.

In Conclusion

Always ask questions when hiring any contractor for work on your home. At Pilchuck Heating we are happy to answer any of your questions and will take time to get your job done right. Contact us today!