What Does Indoor Air Quality Service Do For You?

What Does Indoor Air Quality Service Do For You

What Does Indoor Air Quality Service Do For You? – Indoor Air Quality is really important and can be the cause of some potential symptoms you may be experiencing in your home or office space. Air quality has a huge effect on us and you can get this tested to minimize specific issues that you may be having. A lot of people are unaware but your air can hold pollutants, dancer, dust, asbestos, lead, pesticides, secondhand smoke, and other harmful materials. This is why it is so important to get your indoor air quality tested.

What Does Indoor Air Quality Service Do For You?

Health Effects

Poor air quality can affect your nose immensely. Oftentimes you may notice nasal issues, a scratchy throat, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. These are very similar side effects to allergies so many people are unaware that the issue could be their air quality. You could be feeling these health effects while only in your home or office or continuously depending on how affected you are. In some cases, you could eventually deal with the effects of respiratory disease or heart problems. Having your air tested will help you improve the air quality and your long-term health.


You want to live or work in a comfortable environment. If you are dealing with any of the above-mentioned health issues you are likely uncomfortable for most of your day. Improving your air quality will improve your comfort and quality of life. You may not know but your indoor humidity should be between 30-50% and anything higher will be uncomfortable and sticky while anything lower will increase the likelihood of more colds and dry skin.


Issues with your home’s air quality will usually lead to poor ventilation and your heating and air system will have to work much harder. If your system has to work harder then it is strained and using more energy than it needs to and this will increase your bill and create more wear and tear on the system over time.


In an office space, you want to provide the best working environment for your employees. An uncomfortable environment with poor air quality will like have less productivity. A workplace that has great indoor air quality provides comfort and high performance. This is so important for you and your company.

Reduced Odors

Last but certainly not least is the reduced odors. All of the different pollutants can put off unpleasant odors and the culprit can be hidden. Improving your air quality and having your HVAC ducts cleaned and maintained will greatly reduce the odors in your home or office space. A clean place with a good smell is inviting and pleasant to be in.

In Conclusion

Pilchuck Heating can provide you with air quality services in Snohomish County. We can provide you with indoor air quality tests and upgrade solutions to improve your indoor air quality and the comfort of your home or office. To learn more or schedule and consultation, contact us. We would love to help you improve your air quality and in turn improve your daily life.

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