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Mini Split Air Conditioning Questions & Answers

Mini Split Air Conditioning is one of the most energy-efficient systems available but is the cost worth the investment?

Here are answers to some of top questions about Mini Split Air Conditioning.

Mini Split Air Conditioning Questions & Answers

What is a Mini Split Air Conditioner?Mini Split Air Conditioning Questions & Answers

A Mini Split Air Conditioner is a newer option for addressing home cooling and heating needs. They do not require duct work, as central air conditioning does, but rather cool the air in the room where the indoor unit is located.

Mini Splits consist of two main parts: the indoor unit, which is the air handler and the outdoor unit, which is the condenser. The indoor unit is usually mounted high on an interior wall where the majority of time is spent in the home. Multiple indoor units, or air handlers, can be placed to optimize temperature control throughout a home.

The indoor air handler is connected to the outdoor condenser with a refrigerant line, which runs through an exterior wall.

Do you need more than one Mini Split Unit?

An individual Mini Split will cool the room it is placed in but cooling multiple rooms would require multiple air handler units. A multi-zone condenser can connect to up to four indoor zones with their own handlers, with each indoor unit being able to regulate temperature for the room where it is installed.

Who can install a Mini Split System?

A professional HVAC technician is required to install a Mini Split because of the refrigerant lines that run from the indoor air handler(s) to the outdoor condenser.

How loud are they?

Mini Splits are loved for their quiet operation. Most units are so quiet, homeowners are unable to tell when they are running.

How do they work?

In winter, Mini Splits work by moving warm air from one location to another, using heat exchange coils. In the summer, to produce cooling, the air handler blows warm inside air over cold evaporator coils. The indoor air handlers have an oscillating feature to move air around the room.

Can Mini Splits also heat?

Yes, Mini Split Systems provide heating and cooling, making them usable for year-round energy efficient temperature control.

How expensive are Mini Splits?

An individual zone Mini Split air handler and condenser typically start around $3,000 on average, however, a multi-zone condenser and multiple air handlers can easily increase the price to $12,000 or more.

How much energy do Mini Splits save?

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that 30% of heating and cooling is lost through duct work so Mini Splits have the potential to save that and more, because they can be adjusted to cool only the room being occupied, as well as the keeping 100% of the heating and cooling they create.

For more information about Mini Splits or for other heating and cooling related questions, please contact us at Pilchuck Heating.

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