Most Common Household Plumbing Issues 2023

Homeowners always dread big home issues. Plumbing problems can be a big concern for homeowners because oftentimes it can be hard to remedy on your own and there is potential for much bigger problems lying underneath. Plumbing issues can be expensive and can worsen over time if they aren’t taken care of quickly. So, what can you be on the lookout for as a homeowner to catch these common household plumbing issues?

Most Common Household Plumbing Issues

Dripping FaucetsMost Common Household Plumbing Issues 2023

A dripping faucet is an annoying problem that you are likely hearing drip in the background of all the noise in your home. When a faucet is dripping you are wasting water and adding to your costly water bill. A dripping faucet should get your immediate attention.

Leaky Pipes

A leaky pipe can be due to a clog, corrosion, joint damage, cracked seals, or excessive water pressure. Whatever the root cause of the leaky pipe, you want it fixed immediately. If you wait on this issue, more damage will occur.

Running Toilets

If you have a running toilet then you are wasting up to 200 gallons per day. A running toilet can result from refill tube problems, worn-out flapper, wrong-sized flapper, or corroded toilet handles. Take care of your running toilet quickly so you don’t drive up your water bill.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure could be very frustrating. Weak water pressure can be due to a much larger plumbing issue. Be sure to have your plumbing checked for pipe corrosion, hidden leaks, drain or sewer clogs, or cracked or blocked sewer lines. Pay attention to your water pressure so you can decipher what the underlying reason is.

Leaking Hose Bibb

This is a common plumbing issue that homeowners experience in the spring and summer. Hose bibbs can easily get cracked during the winter and homeowners should invest in a frostproof hose bib to try to prevent a leaking hose bibb.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Any kind of drain issue will create potential health hazards if they are not remedied quickly. These clogs commonly happen due to hair, soap, or other objects that build up in a draining over time. If your home has multiple clogged drains you may be dealing with a sewer issue.

Sump Pump Failure

A sump pump failure is usually due to stuck switches, a lot of water, clogged pipes, improper installation, or aging. This is a bigger plumbing issue that homeowners dread.

Water Heater Problems

If you have a hot water issue, you are most likely dealing with an unhappy family. Your water heater can be a plumbing crisis. When your water heater goes out it is because of heating element failures, corrosion build-up, broken electrical connections, incorrect installation, and wrong system size. All of these potential issues can be easily remedied by scheduling consistent maintenance and paying attention to indicators of potential problems.

In Conclusion

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