Redirecting Air Vents

Redirecting Air Vents – Your home’s heating and air system have a lot to do with the comfort of your home. This is one of the major systems of your home and it usually doesn’t get much attention until it malfunctions. When the HVAC system breaks down homeowners are very aware and fixing the problem can be costly.

In some cases, the issue is simply that the system needs better efficiency and this can be achieved by redirecting your air vents. If you are unsure, it is always best to enlist the help of a professional company that can lend you its knowledge and expertise. Let’s dive deeper to get a better understanding of how this can help gain better efficiency for your home’s HVAC system.Redirecting Air Vents

Redirecting Air Vents

If you are experiencing discomfort in your home and specifically one room is getting too much airflow you can simply just close the vent. Closing the vent will circulate the air back to the duct system and through other vents in your home.  If you want to limit or block airflow then you will need to consider installing vent deflectors. This is a fairly simple solution.

There are also magnetic vent covers that create a better seal too. Use caution because if you are sealing off too many of your air vents you will create so much sir pressure in your duct system. This can lead to air leakage and could damage your HVAC system components.

Airflow Control Issues

Vent covers can prevent drafts and shield from dust and debris but they do not direct airflow. If you are dealing with draft issues then you may want to install a vent diffuser. This could benefit you the most in this situation on redirecting air vents.

Vent deflectors are the most accurate at redirecting vents and would be your ideal choice. This will guide air away from a wall or window and help direct it toward the center of the room which will help with comfort.

Vent extenders will help you move more air from the vent into the room especially if the vent is underneath a piece of furniture. This is very common in homes that have floor vents.

Air Duct Sealing

Air duct sealing is when you properly insulate or seal the metal units that are carrying out the cool or heated air throughout your home. Duct units are usually in your walls or crawl space and can be affected by drastic temperature shifts. This can be challenging when you are trying to cool your home in the hot summer and the ducts themselves are in a very hot attic. Professional HVAC contractors can seal your ductwork in a few different ways and this will help maximize your unit’s productivity by redirecting air vents. This ultimately gives you a more comfortable home with an efficiently running HVAC system.

In Conclusion

For more information on Redirecting Air Vents or anything related to your home’s HVAC system, contact us. We offer a variety of services to help your home system run properly with the most efficiency.

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