What Happens When a Rodent Gets in the Duct System

What Happens When a Rodent Gets in the Duct System – The season is getting warmer, and we’ll need to turn on the air conditioner very soon. The air conditioner has not been used for a long time, and unfortunately, there may be anticipated issues or breakdowns in the equipment when we put it on for the first time. Many issues occur in the system, and rodents are a prominent issue. These pests nest in the home during the colder months, and it is common for rodents to nest in the duct system. Many things happen when a rodent gets in the duct system, such as the following:

What Happens When a Rodent Gets in the Duct SystemWhat Happens When a Rodent Gets in the Duct System

Types of Damage Rodents Can Cause

A mouse in the duct system can cause much havoc, although it only occupies a tiny space in the appliances. Although it has a minor nature, chewing on the equipment can cause significant damage. In addition, they can continue damaging the furnace exposing wires and leading to component failure.

The duct system is usually a shelter for rodents, especially outside the house. Exposed wires are the primary cause of electrical issues in the duct system. Rodents begin to build their nest as soon as they find a hiding place in the system. They make use of attic insulation and duct insulation to build their nest.

Their presence affects the aroma in the airflow produced by the appliances. The ductwork is usually created from metal such as fiberglass duct board or coated cardboard. These materials are what rodents use to build their homes while nesting in the duct system.

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Fixing the Damage

There are ways to eliminate rodents in your home and duct system. In the outdoor unit case, general home care services prevent the rodent from getting into your duct system. For example, ensure the system is kept away from bushes and unpruned brush. In the fall, cleaning the leaves littering the duct system is advisable, thereby keeping the area clean.

However, it is best to get rid of the rodent by finding their root source. Then, find the openings they use to enter the home and block them. Do not use poison or traps to get rid of rodents to prevent decay in the ductwork leading to foul odors in the home.

Once you successfully block the entry space and get rid of the rodents, it is best to assess the damage. You can hire a professional duct system worker to check the system for any possible dangers or failures. The professional will repair the wires to prevent electrical failure and other areas that need repairs.

How To Prevent Rodents From Entering Your Duct System

Unfortunately, there are no ways to stop rodents from entering the ductwork and causing destruction entirely. Since the duct system works on airflow, the component has tiny openings to allow free air circulation. Although the duct system is built with precautions against such incidents, there are tiny rodents that can still get inside the appliance to live.

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