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How and Why to Use Ceiling Fans for Home Comfort

Ceiling fans are a great solution for improving household comfort while trying to save energy.

Improve coolingHow and Why to Use Ceiling Fans for Home Comfort

Without adjusting the thermostat, a ceiling fan can cool people in the room by simply moving the air around. While the ceiling fan does not reduce air temperature or relative humidity, it can actually save you money by directly cooling the person who needs it.

Ceiling fans use far less energy than air conditioning and can still get the job done to cool occupants in the home. When used correctly, they can allow you to raise or lower your household temperature by as much as four degrees, without sacrificing comfort. This can even save you as much as 10% on your energy bill.

Disperse heat

We all know warm air rises. Ceiling fans can work to bring the heat down from the ceiling, move the heat around and disperse it throughout a larger area. Using a ceiling fan to pull down the heat in a room also prevents heat loss through the attic.

When using a wood stove, many times the room that houses the stove gets excessively warm. Along with a wood stove, using a ceiling fan will not only bring the warmth down from the ceiling but will also move the heat in the room to other places in the house.

Best direction

During cold weather, it is best to run a ceiling fan on low in the clockwise direction to bring the heat down from the ceiling and move it around the room. Most fans have a button to switch to change the direction from forward to reverse, or counterclockwise to clockwise. During warm weather, it is best to run ceiling fans counterclockwise to bring the low-lying cool air in the room up to the living space.

Box fans for summer use

In addition to ceiling fans, box fans can be used in an open window, facing out. The fan will pull the hot air out of the room and transfer it outdoors. It will also allow for cooler air to come in from outside. By putting the box fan in a window that gets the most shade, the coolest air will be allowed to enter the room. Closing other windows besides the one being used to pull hot air out, will allow for the best airflow to be moved out.

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