What is HVAC zoning?

Depending on the size of your home, it can be very difficult to get the right temperature for each person. In some cases, it can feel like some rooms in your house are always too hot or too cold. If you are struggling with this in your home then you might find great benefits in a zoned HVAC system. Your HVAC is a big component of your energy bills so why not invest in a more efficient system? What is a zoning system? Let’s take a look!

What is HVAC zoning?What is HVAC zoning

A zoned HVAC system will divide your home into multiple zones. These zones will be controlled by their thermostats. This will allow you and your family to set each room to its desired temperature. This means that you wouldn’t always have to cool or heat the entire home. This type of system gives you more control over the comfort of your home and can provide savings on your energy bills.

How does an HVAC zoning system work?

An HVAC zoning system will divide your home into zones. A licensed and professional HVAC company will advise you on how to best divide up your home. Typically your home will be divided into two or more zones. A thermostat for each zone will be installed and each thermostat will control its zone. All of the thermostats will be connected to a control panel in your home. There are zoning dampers that are valves or plates that will regulate the airflow inside your ducts.

These will be installed in the ducts of your home or directly into the air outlet. These dampers open and close when certain zones need cool or hot air to pass through. When a zone reaches its desired and set temperature, then the damper will close. There can be multiple dampers controlled together if they are all within the same zone.

If you live in a home that is not pre-built for a zoned HVAC system then you may need to retrofit your duct system. This means you will have to isolate your runouts and place dampers on them. In some cases, this will require you to rip out the ductwork and run dedicated trunk lines. This can become more expensive if this is your situation.

When to Consider A Zoning System

It is best to consider an HVAC zoning system if your home meets one of the following criteria. You’ll get the most out of HVAC zoning if you have one or more of the following:

  •  A multi-story home
  • A basement, either finished or unfinished
  • Living space in the attic
  • High ceilings
  • A room over your garage
  • A sunroom
  • Several large windows
  • A large floor plan with one or more wings

In Conclusion

If you think a zoned HVAC system might be right for you, then you want to reach out to a licensed professional HVAC company. At Pilchuck Heating we are available to walk you through your system and what your best options are to have an efficiently running HVAC. Contact us!

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