Why is Water Dripping From My Heat Pump

Why is Water Dripping From My Heat Pump

The heat pump can have an indoor leaking problem, showing that the equipment is not functioning efficiently and needs maintenance. This problem must be tackled immediately to avoid further damage to the heat pump. You can start by turning off your heat pump using the remote control. The dripping can result from many factors, which can be figured out during equipment repairs. In this blog, we’ll look at some common problems resulting from dripping heat pumps.

Problems with Drainage System

Heat pumps have a condensate pan as a medium to maintain normal condensation in the units. The dripping comes out of the equipment through a drain line. You may experience water dripping from your heat pump if the drain system is clogged or moved out of position. The heat pump is designed with preventive measures to prevent water from dripping. For example, the device comes with a floater in the pan to automatically turn off the system to prevent water from dripping in the home. However, the float control and the heat pump cannot work simultaneously. When the float control is activated, the heat pump automatically goes off. So, to enjoy the heat pump, the problem has to be looked into.

Ice on the Coils

Another common issue leading to a dripping device is ice. Ice usually forms on the heat pump system resulting from a lack of refrigerant. The equipment is created with a certain amount of refrigerant to ensure the heat pump and air conditioner work efficiently. Unfortunately, the appliance begins to leak when the refrigerant is low, which also interferes with the cooling process. The cool air that flows throughout the heat pump forms, especially when the system stops working. When it turns off, the ice on the coils begins to melt, causing water to drip from the heat pump. The leaks further worsen into pools and puddles if not handled. If facing such an issue, you can seal the leak and refill the refrigerant levels.

A Dirty Coil

A dirty coil is a big problem in a heat pump. The home appliance condenses air through the cold evaporator coil unit. The device drains the condensed air through the coil into a pan connected to another drain. The coil can malfunction because of dirt leading to water dripping from your heat pump.

Cracked Overflow Pan

A heat pump and air conditioner have similar functions. The cooling process is possible by removing humidity from the air as it functions. The humidity removed from the air is collected on the coils and drained to another drain or overflow pan. However, the draining pan can begin to crack due to rust. Water gathers in the pan and drips through the crack, which wets the floors.

A Clogged Condensate Drain

The condensate drain uses tubes to drain moisture out and away from the home. However, the free flow of the drain can be disrupted by physical blockages. The blockage pushes the water back and tries to force it out of the drain until the drain pan begins to leak, letting the water out.

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